2019 in review

Lisa and I quit our jobs at the end of 2018 to embark on an extended travel adventure to Mexico and Central America. What followed was an incredible series of highlights - volcanoes, coral reefs, jungles, mountains, food, people, beaches - a simply spectacular period of our lives. Here is our 2019 story...

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Favourite Volcano Experiences – Central America
Santiaguito Volcano eruption, Guatemala

Favourite Volcano Experiences – Central America

Our volcano experiences throughout the year turned out to be the absolute highlight of our trip. We were up-close-and-personal when a volcano erupted not 2km from where we were standing. A few weeks later we got up at 1am, donned head torches and scaled a volcano in the dark so we could see the bright red glowing lava. Later still we climbed another volcano in the day time and were rewarded with spectacular views of the crater lake at its peak.

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