Adios Mexico

Deserted beach, Playa del Carmen
Deserted beach, Playa del Carmen

Well, we have made the decision to return to Australia. Feedback from friends and family around the world has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive, and we’ve had plenty of generous offers of accommodation and support. Thanks guys, you rock!

We’re not really looking forward to the 14 day enforced quarantine on arrival in Brisbane, some horror stories out there including this one from an old work buddy. But I reckon I’m up for a fortnight of Netflix, pushups, stale air and airplane style meals. It’ll be just like my 20’s all over again. Well maybe not the pushups part. And Netflix was just a twinkle in Blockbuster Video’s eye back then.

We’re really going to miss Mexico and are disappointed we haven’t had much of a chance to participate in the culture (food, beaches, “$2 shop” beers) over the past month due to the lockdowns. Can’t wait to get back here in better times, and also can’t wait to visit the places we had queued up for later this year – Cuba, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Portland, Oregon (will this long-awaited Thanksgiving meal ever happen???)

News update

Mexico’s Coronavirus numbers continue to deteriorate. Currently 3,181 positives (up 396 for the day) with 141 deaths. The number of new infections has risen on each of the past five days. Not a good sign. The state of Quintana Roo is now up to 146 and our municipality of Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen) is now at 31 positives.

I receive a daily news digest from Mexican Daily NewsThe Daily Enchillada. To their credit they have taken down the firewall from Coronavirus news stories and this has been helpful for Lisa and I in assessing our personal risk in staying on in Mexico the past few weeks.

They have a few interesting headlines today which give us extra comfort we are making the right decision to go home on Friday:

In Xalapa, people still out and about, despite the coronavirus emergency

Tourists harass and attack reporter on Puerto Vallarta beach (after she filmed them not complying with COVID-19 mitigation rules)

220 tourists quarantined in Nayarit resort after refusing Covid-19 tests

Covid-19 fear fuels aggression against medical personnel (nurses heckled when trying to board public transport)

Emergency doctors predict up to 10,500 serious cases of Covid-19

Mexico is short 200,000 doctors, 300,000 nurses: health minister

Trying times indeed.

Next post will (hopefully) be from Brisbane. The XXXX Diaries?

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