They wouldn’t ban alcohol… Would they?

A little bit of coverage in the local papers that alcohol sales may be banned outright. Which led to panic buying in Mexico City. Who’d have thought? There are bans in a couple of places and others have put on restrictions – e.g. Quintana Roo have placed an 11pm limit on alcohol sales for the next month.

It’s not worrying us too much as “Dry March” has led inexorably to “Dry April”. I can hardly remember what a beer tastes like. Which is lucky as the brewery which makes Corona, Modelo and Pacifico has shut down production anyway. You don’t think the two are related, do you?

Drones out in force at Playa del Carmen

The local police have been proactive in activating drones to patrol the beaches around Playa del Carmen with a “stay at home” message displayed and being broadcast.

The central government has ordered all beaches across Mexico to be closed for the month.

Latest Coronavirus numbers in Mexico

Mexico – 1,688 cases (60 deaths)
Quintana Roo – 56 cases (1 death)
Solidaridad Municipality – 13 cases

Source: Wikipedia, Quintana Roo Secretary of Health

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