AMLO joins the club

Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has retreated from his ‘amulets and religion will save us all’ rhetoric and is now urging Mexicans to stay inside to help limit the spread of COVID-19. He joins a conga line of dim-witted world leaders who’ve have to quickly backpedal on their ignorant and ill-advised public responses.

Donald Trump

26 February 2020 – “Within a couple of days it’s going to be zero [cases]”

27 March 2020 – Signs $2 trillion emergency spending bill to combat the economic effects of the pandemic. USA at 142,000 cases as at 29 March 2020.

Boris Johnson

3 March 2020 – “People will be pleased to know that the virus did not stop me greeting hospital patients with a handshake”

27 March 2020 – Tests positive for COVID-19

Scott Morrison

13 March 2020 – “I’m going to the football this weekend”

24 March 2020 – “Stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary that you go out”

Western democracies are certainly reaping what they have sown.

Mexico Coronavirus Update

Mexico is currently reporting 848 cases and the graph is looking eerily similar to other countries who have grown exponentially once community transmissions have been established.

Quintana Roo Update

The state we’re in, Quintana Roo, has 37 confirmed cases. Our municipality, Solidaridad, has 8 of these cases. These numbers have remained fairly constant for most of the week.

Local police today issued an advice that they had foiled a planned looting spree yesterday which they uncovered via monitoring social media. Police have stepped up patrols in the local area and are liaising with private security and shopping centre management to ensure the safety of the general public.

“The Cyber ​​Police also participated in the operations, which has already detected accounts, networks and chats of people who incite looting of businesses. As of that investigative work, nine criminal complaints were filed for incitement to violence and damages and criminal association”.

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