Some informative long reads on the Coronavirus generally:

The Atlantic – How Will the Coronavirus End? – A pretty frightening look at the US response to date and how it will likely play out. Hint = not well. Includes a damning critique of the role Trump has played to date. Inexcusable negligence. Nearly 14,000 new cases identified in the USA so far today (it’s 5pm in New York as I write), and the USA now sits at the top of the global leader board with a massive exponential growth pattern going on unchecked. And Trump thinks they’ll all be back in church by Easter Sunday.

Dr. Zoe Harcombe Coronavirus – COVID-19 – some facts & figures – objective and clearly written article based on known facts and data. Keep reading to the end for some reassuring numbers amid the doom and gloom. E.g. China death figure of 3,248 represents 0.03% of their normal annual death rate. Italy’s current deaths of over 8,000 represents about 1.25% of their normal annual death rate.

Australian government response to citizens living in Mexico and Central America

The Australian Ambassador to Mexico, Central America, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, Remo Moretta, has issued this message to all Australians in the area:

For updates, you can subscribe to the following Australian government social media sites:

Smartraveller on Facebook

Smartraveller on Twitter

Australian Embassy on Facebook

Australian Embassy on Twitter

Stay safe out there everyone. All things must pass.

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