Mexico today announced it has moved to Stage 2 – Community Transmission of the Coronavirus pandemic.

A further 51 cases were added yesterday, with the tally now standing at 367 cases, including four fatalities.

The mayor of Mexico City ordered the closure of museums, gyms and nightclubs yesterday. Other states have implemented their own lockdown initiatives in lieu of a centrally directed strategy.

The state of Quintana Roo has moved to Stage 2 even though there are no recorded community transmissions in the state, which includes tourist hotspots Cancun and Playa del Carmen. The governor of that state has joined with 84 local companies in developing a strategy to help maintain the local workforce, including:

  • Decrease in wages so that workers can have the period of preventive isolation. 
  • Rotation of the weekly working day. 
  • Holiday advancement.
  • Advance payments of Christmas bonuses

Major supermarkets have removed elderly workers who were formally employed as bag packers due to their increased Coronavirus risk. In an excellent initiative, shoppers at Chedraui, one of the largest national supermarket chains, are given the option at check out to round up their bill, with the change going towards supporting the affected workers.

The town of Playa del Carmen was virtually a ghost town when we walked around this morning. The normally bustling 5th Avenue was almost deserted, beaches and beach clubs were empty, and many businesses were boarded up. Those who remained open had very little custom. Hotel occupancies in Quintaro Roo are down 76% in a week, from 332,000 last week to just 80,000 this week. Some hotels and resorts have closed until further notice.

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